Arris announced deals with several international customers, including orders from Portugal’s ZON, Stofa in Denmark, and Telenor’s operation in Sweden.

ZON will adopt Arris’ Apex3000 to improve its ability to deliver its Timewarp VOD service. ZON also intends the deployment to help it gradually transition to CCAP.

ZON experienced exponential rise in the popularity of its catch-up service over the past year, Arris said. Multiple QAMs were required to support the rise in unicast traffic, and with concurrency rates more than quadrupling since launch, ZON intends to use the APEX3000 to more efficiently handle increased demand.

Jose Pascoal, head of engineering at ZON said, “Our customers have a real appetite for non linear TV services that allow them to consume their favorite content on their own terms. Our 7 days catch up service, in particular, has been very well received and has helped us to reduce churn and increase ‘stickiness’, but its success has made us rethink how we can deliver it economically. By consolidating the video and data service over APEX3000, we’ve been able to merge traffic in an agile and flexible way - increasing network capacity for future growth.”

Stofa has also deployed the Apex3000, for a similar reason as ZON – a rapid increase in the consumption of over-the-top content.

Thomas Helbo, CTO at Stofa & SE Telecom said, “The levels of data our customers are consuming has risen exponentially as they embrace new services and we needed a solution to help meet this demand today and increase capacity in the most efficient manner. The Arris Apex3000 gives us an agile approach which will also allow is to merge our video and data traffic in the future.”

Telenor Sweden will be deploying Arris’ VIP 2853 IPTV set-top boxes (STBs) starting in early 2014. The distribution of the new STBs will be preparatory to Telenor’s delivery of new HD programming, on-demand services and IPTV viewing.

The VIP2853 features a removable DVR memory module which will allow Telenor customers to expand and add memory to their systems.  

Mikael Färjsjö, Head of TV at Telenor said, “Our IPTV service in Sweden is set for growth and we need to provide our customers with the best set-top we can.”