Time Warner Cable has added some new bells and whistlers to its MY TWC app, which included a new feature that lets residential users troubleshoot their triple play services.

With the fourth update to the app, Time Warner Cable subscribers can also get up to the minute service alerts in their area and view real-time account information directly from their phone or tablet.


Time Warner Cable first launched the app December of 2011, and since then more than 1.2 million of its subscribers have downloaded it. The latest version of the app is available for downloading from Google Play and the Apple App store.

The troubleshooting tool lets users pick a symptom that describes a problem with their triple play services. From there, the app determines possible solutions to the problems, which include the option to reboot or reauthorize equipment to resolve the issue. By tapping on the reboot button, a reboot “box hit” is sent to the device.

For service alerts, customers can check for notifications of known outages affecting their services as well as updates when they’re available. The app can also perform an analysis on equipment to determine a potential outage.

The app also features improved billing functionality that lets subscribers view activity on their accounts in real-time as well as dig deeper for additional billing information such as payment history for the last 10 payments.

Time Warner Cable also redesigned the home screen on the app to improve the navigation and provide snapshot views of key account information such as billing balance, voicemail quantities and appointments.

The app also provides access to all of Time Warner Cable’s apps from a single directory, and features a dedicated screen for the TWC WiFI app.

Cable operators have been working on tying their services together on second-screen applications, which makes them easier for their subscribers to use as well as providing stickiness to the services they offer.

“These latest enhancements give customers even more control over their TWC products and their service experience,” said John Keib, executive vice president and chief care and technical operations officer for Time Warner Cable. “Our customers also want and expect no-hassle, real-time information about their entertainment and communications services. These expanded support features do exactly that.”