In the ongoing debate over cord cutters, TiVo Research and Analytics’ recent study found that Netflix wasn’t eating into the amount of linear TV being consumed in TiVo households.

Out of the 9,956  survey respondents, 57 percent said they subscribed to Netflix , 50 percent to Amazon Prime and 18 percent to Hulu Plus. Overall, 8 percent subscribed to all three of the over-the-top (OTT) services.

TiVo Research and Analytics (TRA) said 18 percent of those surveyed had watched Netflix’s "House of Cards.”

"Our data show that Netflix is not currently a substitute for traditional television, but offers a way for TV lovers to watch more of the kinds of programs they love,” said Mark Lieberman, CEO of TRA said. “The future of television may tell a different story, but as of today we've found that the Netflix subscribers in our study are not watching less traditional TV."

In May, TRA collected 9,956 responses from a survey conducted of TiVo subscribers who had opted in to have their set-top-box viewing information collected as part of TiVo's Power||Watch  panel. The topic of the survey was about opinions and behaviors regarding subscription based OTT services and their original programming.

TRA observed historical TV viewing data from those households from November 2012 through April 2013 across 28 of the most watched TV networks and benchmarked them against the total universe of TRA's 1.5 million intab TV households.

The survey results indicated that Netflix viewers were also heavy consumers of other premium dramas:

• Households that reported viewing "House of Cards,” which was an original series by Netflix, watched 85 percent more HBO than non-Netflix households

• "House of Cards" households watched Showtime's "Homeland" 125 percent more than those who didn’t use Netflix

• Netflix households viewed Showtime's "Homeland" 26 percent more than those who didn’t use Netflix.