In the hopes of wooing commercial customers from cable operators, MegaPath has launched new business-class Ethernet services.

MegaPath said its new, assymetrical Ethernet services were available in 517 central offices (COs) featuring speeds up to 50 Mbps down, 10 Mbps up, with the goal of availability in 700 COs and speeds up to 150/10 by the end of  the year.

Currently, most of the nation’s largest cable operators can match or exceed 50 Mbps on the downstream via DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems, while some MSOs, such as Comcast, have already topped the 150 Mbps threshold.

While MegaPath’s new Ethernet speeds won’t leave cable operators quaking in their boots, the company is attempting to separate itself from the competition with some additional features.

MegaPath listed what it said were several key advantages for its Ethernet service over similar offerings from cable operators including: business-class service level agreements (SLAs), dedicated versus shared bandwidth, a business-class platform engineered for quality of service (QoS) to support performance-critical applications such as voice and video, nationwide availability, and a more reliable site prequalification methodology.

"The addition of asymmetrical speeds to MegaPath's expansive nationwide Ethernet service portfolio will give SMBs, distributed enterprises and MegaPath's wholesale partners affordable business-class bandwidth alternatives backed by business-class service level agreements," said Brian Washburn, research director, network services, Current Analysis.

In 2010, MegaPath merged with Covad and Speakeasy to form the current company.

"We've listened to our customers and partners, and these Ethernet services reflect what they want -- more speeds at affordable price points with business-class service level agreements," said Dan Foster, president, business markets, MegaPath. "The introduction of MegaPath's asymmetrical Business Ethernet services sets a new standard for what business customers should expect from an asymmetrical service by delivering true business-class performance and features with real uptime guarantees."