Comcast has added a feature to its TV Everywhere service so that subscribers accessing the service from any device within their homes will be logged in automatically.

The operator is calling the feature Home Pass. Xfinity TV and Internet customers will no longer need to sign in with a user name and password to access on demand and live streaming content via the website.

This is Comcast’s commercial introduction of Adobe Systems’ Adobe Pass. Both Cablevision and Comcast’s NBC/Universal operation first tried out Adobe Pass during the 2012 London Olympics

After that successful test, Adobe Pass introduced a server side API for programmers to support a broad range of devices. The API enables content providers to integrate authentication within native applications from virtually any connected device, allowing customers to expand the reach of TV Everywhere.

Matthew Strauss, Comcast Cable’s senior vice president of digital and emerging platforms announced the feature in a blog item, in which he wrote, “We offered a first trial of this feature during the London Olympics and March Madness 2013 and we’re now rolling it out permanently to our customers. And we’re already starting to look at ways to extend Home Pass to additional platforms in the future.

TV Everywhere is still not an entirely seamless experience for users, and those companies who offer the service are gradually adding features to make it easier to use.

Strauss continued, “We've been working with a number of engineers and business teams at Comcast to make this experience easier and simpler for consumers and secure for programmers. Recently we launched Facebook Connect so that customers link their account to their Facebook account for simpler sign-in. We also have secondary email identification and rolling remember me, which keeps you signed in to a designated computer for 30 days until you sign out.”