Casa Systems has racked up another customer win for its converged cable access platform (CCAP) with one of China’s largest cable operators.

Guangzhou Digital Media Group, which is located in the city of Guangzhou, had previously signed on with Casa to use its C10G platform, and will now combine it with Casa’s DS8x96 module.

The Casa C10G platform enables cable operators to deploy DOCSIS, IPTV and MPEG video on a single chassis over a single port. When combined with its DS8x96 module, it creates a dense I-CCAP configuration while also lowering power consumption.

Casa said it had demonstrated the capabilities of its I-CCAP technology against competing platforms during Guangzhou’s highly-competitive vendor selection process.

Casa said Guangzhou was China's sixth-largest city with an estimated population of 12.7 million people, representing two million subscribers, including 165,000 broadband subscribers and 170,000 IPTV subscribers.

“In choosing Casa Systems’ Converged Cable Access Platform technology, we have identified a streamlined mechanism for delivering I-CCAP functionality at a reduced cost with greater scalability,” said Liu Mingliang, vice president of Guangzhou Digital Media Group. “We are eager to deploy this technology to deliver an improved customer experience which is made possible with Casa’s industry-leading I-CCAP platform.”

Last month Casa announced that Finland-based DNA and France’s Numericable will be using the C10G.