Cablevision has eliminated one tier of residential broadband service and has accelerated the upstream rates of the remaining three.

The basic tier, Optimum Online, had been a maximum of 15 Mbps downstream and 2 Mpbs up; it is now 15/5.

The 30/5 tier previously offered is no longer available. The Optimum Online Ultra 50 tier, previously set at 50/8, has been bumped to 50/25. Cablevision is offering the Ultra 50 tier for only $4.95 more than the basic tier.

Optimum Online Ultra 101 used to be 101/15. Here too the upstream has been accelerated, and the rates will now be 101/35.

While the individual tiers don’t get any faster on the downstream, the elimination of the 30 Mbps tier essentially bumps everyone who had that tier up to the 50 Mbps tier, at no cost.

That would be the justification for Gemma Toner, Cablevision’s senior vice president of broadband product management, to say, “This is the most widespread broadband speed increase in our company’s history, and we have upgraded our online service at no additional cost.”

Optimum Online, now at 15/5, includes automatic sign-in for five mobile devices to connect to Optimum WiFi.

For customers with Optimum Online Ultra 50, now at 50/25, Cablevision will support up to 10 devices online at once. Ultra 50 customers can auto-authenticate 10 mobile devices to Optimum WiFi.

With Optimum Online Ultra 101, now at 101/35, customers can auto-authenticate 15 devices on Optimum WiFi.

All Optimum subscribers have access to Optimum WiFi, free WiFi access at more than 80,000 Optimum hotspots throughout the Tri-State area.

Optimum Online includes five email accounts, each with 2GB of storage. Both Optimum Online Ultra 50 and Ultra 101 provide 15 email accounts, each with 5GB of storage.