OpenVault recently announced three customers for its cloud-based network management services: BCI Broadband, Antietam/Advanced Cable and Shentel.

OpenVault’s solutions allow MSOs to collect and analyze network data to understand how subscribers are using broadband services and better forecast network requirements. These tools can also be used to provide subscribers with up to date usage information and automatically optimize available bandwidth across the network, helping to ensure a higher level of service for all subscribers.

Antietam Cable in New Jersey and Florida-based Advanced Cable have selected OpenVault’s suite of Broadband services and management tools to support their operations and management of high speed data (HSD) subscribers.

“We selected OpenVault for several reasons,” said Antietam’s president Brian Lynch.  “OpenVault’s platform doesn’t just collect a lot of data, which we then have to interpret. They actually deliver answers.  This allows us to make better product development decisions, and enhances network planning. We have had experience with another vendor’s IPDR collection system in the past, but it lacked the insight and flexibility we require. We know the positive impact a solution like OpenVault’s will have on one of the most important services we offer our subscribers.”

“When we first met with Antietam Cable, I was glad to hear that they already knew IPDR records could be leveraged to help manage their HSD business.  What was really exciting though was that they understood that they needed more than just the ability to count data usage.   They knew the value in having the tools to analyze IPDR records to help drive new revenues, and to manage their network at a more granular level to continue to provide great service to their subscribers,” said Rich Evans, EVP of sales & marketing for OpenVault.

Shenandoah Telecommunications (Shentel) has signed on with OpenVault, and will start by delivering  consumption statistics directly to customers so that they can evaluate their own usage and subscribe to the appropriate service tier.

“Our expanding customer base has increasingly diverse needs. We wanted to empower our subscribers with access to information about their Internet usage so they can see what services and options best suit their requirements,” said Willy Pirtle, Shentel’s VP of sales and marketing.

The OpenVault Suite will also allow Shentel to offer its subscribers the ability to try out faster services without disrupting the provisioning and billing processes.

Finally, BCI Broadband selected the OpenVault platform, working through the National Cable Television Cooperative.