Tokyo-based Access announced this morning that it has licensed Comcast’s Reference Design Kit (RDK.)

Access said it plans on using the RDK ecosystem to further develop its HTML5 and DLNA-based products.

The Comcast RDK was developed internally using open source components and by working with various vendors. The RDK is a community-based project that allows developers, vendors and cable operators to use a defined stack of software on one layer in order to provision set-top boxes and gateways. 

The RDK allows all of the interested parties to develop once and then scale across multiple environments – in the CableCard/QAM/MEPG-2 world of today, as well as in the IP environment of tomorrow.

Aside of Comcast, other cable operators that are also part of the RDK effort include Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications and Liberty Global. 

“Industry commentators see increased potential for the RDK to become an important ecosystem that provides the functionality and interoperability for operators looking for a standardized route to providing advanced TV services,” said Kunihiro Ishiguro, CTO of Access. “Our solution enables operators to deploy the RDK and at the same time enables operators to launch exciting new multi-room and multi-screen services as well as giving U.S. cable operators a pre-integrated route to meeting the FCC mandate for IP interoperability.”

Access said its DLNA offering, NetFront Living Connect, and its HTML5 software, NetFront Browser NX, support DLNA’s Premium Video Profile.