Zeebox is using Digitalsmiths’ video discovery technology, called Seamless Discovery, across all platforms that the former supports.

Zeebox partners with service providers, broadcasters, and content owners to provide second-screen support on smartphones, tablets and PCs. Zeebox enables viewers to participate in social networking sites, buy what they see on screen, use their devices as remote controls for their TVs, and get more information about whatever program they’re watching, which can include access to exclusive interactive content.

The range of second-screen applications now includes search and discovery; the Zeebox "Recommended For You" feature delivers personalized recommendations based on individual viewing behavior.

Another feature of Digitalsmiths’ Seamless Discovery that Zeebox is currently using is a "Similar Shows" feature, which allows users to discover related content that is most similar to the show currently being watched, what has been watched, or what is available in the future.

Broadcasters, meanwhile, can deliver synchronized polls, quizzes, trivia and other interactive widgets directly to fans.

“Our users tell us that program discovery is a key use for second screen applications," said Anthony Rose, co-founder and CTO at Zeebox. "People love the Zeebox program guide, but scrolling through a list of 150 channels is not the future. What you want is a small set of program recommendations, just for you, that you can watch right now. Our new personalized recommendation system offers that, based on your viewing history, likes and more. We look to evolve Zeebox further over the coming months to be your perfect personalized program discovery application.”

Digitalsmiths’ Unified Data Service r aggregates multiple structured and unstructured data sources, and normalizes the attributes to create a master collection of metadata; the approach was designed to eliminate data silos.

Digitalsmiths customers include Time Warner Cable, Cisco, Warner Bros., Paramount, Technicolor, Univision, Turner Sports, the NBA, the PGA, NASCAR, and i.TV.