The hotels and hospitality sector is heating up among service providers with Dish Networks the latest company to join the fray.

This morning Dish announced the launch of its Smartbox platform, which can provision HD and SD channels in every hotel room through one unit.

On the HD side, Smartbox can provision up to 96 HD channels. Smartbox can provide a 36/96-channel lineup in HD and SD, an improvement over the industry standard of 12/24 HD channels, according to Dish.

The new box’s reduced size, which stands 9-inches high, can replace three racks each measuring 7-feet tall to standard rack-width spacing.

There are also remote monitoring and management capabilities that make deployments easier and help maximize uptime. The energy footprint of Smartbox features up to a 90 percent reduction in power consumption and up to 93 percent reduction in rack space when compared to competing products.

dish box

“Smartbox delivers a better overall free-to-guest operating experience for managers and a vastly improved end-user experience for guests,” said Robert Grosz, vice president of commercial sales at Dish. “Reducing installation, power consumption and management overhead are big wins in free-to-guest; having happier guests is even better.”

Earlier this year, Comcast Business packaged up its Ethernet, Internet, video and voice services into a new product suite that was designed specifically for hotels and motels while Time Warner Cable Business Class rolled out a new HD platform for the hospitality sector in March.