Conax has created a client software development kit (SDK) that uses Conax technology to implement a secure Microsoft PlayReady DRM client.

Developers can use the SDK to create a client capable of secure delivery of video content from the streaming server to the native player of the client device.

The Conax security-hardened implementation for MS PlayReady fully conforms to Microsoft’s rules for Compliance and Robustness and is developed according to Conax’ security requirements including security requirements from  major Hollywood studios and content providers.

Embracing advanced security technologies such as obfuscation, key smearing, variability, renewability, secure storage, secure time, optimized cryptography and more, Conax is providing additional layers of robust security enabling highly secure OTT and DRM clients with a solution that is also easy to implement.

Conax said it can manage certificate, royalty and licensing on behalf of the operator.

The Microsoft PlayReady DRM is an over the top (OTT) security standard compatible with most consumer devices and systems on the market today.

Tom Jahr, EVP products & partners, Conax, said, “While OTT services have the potential to enable content aggregators to capitalize on new revenue streams, anytime/anywhere consumer services must be transported securely to Over-the-Top devices such as tablets or smartphones or hybrid STBs to ensure protection of content and revenues. Conax Secure Client provides the framework for content distributors to seamlessly integrate Conax world class content protection technology into their OTT operation with best-of-breed security for their premium Over-the-top content. Conax Secure Client SDK has already been embedded into existing multiscreen operations supporting advanced functionality for content consumption.”