Finland’s largest cable operator, DNA Ltd, has placed an order for Casa Systems’ C10G chassis.

The C10G is the predecessor to the vendor’s purpose-built CCAP system, the C100G, but the use of C10G allows DNA to offer scalable broadband services to its more than 600,000 subscribers, while giving the operator a clear upgrade path to CCAP.

DNA selected Casa’s C10G chassis following extensive lab testing and field trials to identify an appropriate high-density platform, the vendor said.

“Casa Systems is a proven leader in the growing movement towards CCAP. This expertise, combined with the feature-rich and eminently scalable capabilities of the C10G, made them an ideal partner,” said Kari Ruopsa, head of DNA’s Television Networks. “We were especially impressed by the C10G’s performance in the field and within our own labs, as it demonstrated the functionality that is critical in today’s rapidly changing customer markets.”  

Additionally, DNA chose Casa System’s C10G chassis due to its ability to seamlessly transition to CCAP, ensuring the cable provider’s investment will be preserved even as its technology requirements change.

The C10G enables MSOs to deploy DOCSIS, IPTV and MPEG video on a single chassis over a single port.  When combined with Casa’s DS8x96 module, the platform delivers superior integrated CCAP (I-CCAP) density with lower consumption, significantly reducing operating costs.

Earlier this week, Casa Systems said that France’s Numericable will be using the C10G.