Comcast announced today that it has launched Xfinity Home Control, which allows subscribers to remotely adjust thermostats or lighting without the professional security monitoring that is offered with other Xfinity Home services, which are now called Xfinity Home Secure.

Xfinity Home Control provides customers with the ability to get real-time text and email alerts when doors and windows open or close; watch live streaming video of their home via wireless cameras; and manage home devices including lights and thermostats remotely or by using automated schedules.

Comcast is offering Xfinity Home Control service starting at for $9.95 per month. A "starter pack" of Xfinity Home Control monitoring equipment is available starting at $99.95.

"The home control market is growing tremendously, and it’s being driven by innovative technology, affordability and consumer demand," said Mitch Bowling, senior vice president and general manager of new businesses for Comcast Cable. "With the launch of Xfinity Home Control, we’re adding yet another way customers can remotely manage their homes anywhere and at anytime."

Xfinity Home was first launched in Houston three years ago and has been rolled out across Comcast’s footprint.

Comcast also officially announced its partnership EcoSaver today, which is a cloud-based offering that can help customers reduce their energy use and save money on their utility bills year-round.

The EcoSaver service, paired with the Xfinity Home thermostat, learns the unique heating and cooling patterns of a home and makes automatic and incremental adjustments to the thermostat based on real-time weather data, the thermal characteristics of the house and the temperature preferences of the occupants. The homeowner maintains full control over the thermostat. Over time, the system adapts to user inputs to help reduce energy while keeping the home comfortable.

Earlier this year, EcoFactor won an award from GTM Research for its work with Comcast’s Xfinity Home service. 

Last week, Comcast and Osram Sylvania announced an agreement to offer energy efficient light bulbs that can be controlled remotely from anywhere through the Xfinity Home platform.