Guavus has purchased Applied Broadband’s Pipeline product. The purchase price was not given.

Pipeline is used for collecting, analyzing and mediating IPDR (Internet Protocol Detailed Records) data, drawn from cable modem termination systems (CMTSs) to understand bandwidth consumption and network activity.

MSOs have had access to IPDR data, but it is widely considered to be an underutilized asset, in part because the extraordinary volume of data – the largest MSOs can generate petabytes – can be overwhelming to sift through.

The acquisition is makes a logical fit. Guavas specializes in “big data” analytics solutions for communications and media companies, and has been working with Applied Broadband to develop applications that make use of IPDR data.

These applications use IPDR as a key data source that provides bandwidth consumption visibility into networks, devices, services, and subscribers' overall experiences. By combining data sources such as IPDR, NetFlow, DNS logs, and more, Guavus said it can provide MSOs with information they can use to better manage their networks and services.

Potential uses of this data include:

Capacity Management - Mediate network congestion on a real-time basis and view bandwidth consumption for improved network planning.

Generate new revenue streams - Identify subscriber segments to upsell and cross sell value-added services like premium packages, home automation, online storage, and advanced support.

Effectively manage churn, and deliver a better customer experience - Identify subscriber segments with a propensity to churn and reduce mean time to resolve (MTTR) network issues for a better service experience.

New product innovation - Categorize usage analytics by subscriber segment, pricing tier, topology and others, so product engineers can construct new high-value service offerings.

Identify new sales prospects - Conduct OTT-service consumption analysis to dynamically identify appropriate prospecting engagements.

Pipeline is currently licensed by seven of the top ten MSOs in North America as the IPDR solution for millions of broadband cable subscribers, according to the two companies.

"As broadband networks continue to expand in terms of scale, complexity, and supported services – from 100+ Mbps speeds and business offerings to streaming video and home automation – a sea of new intelligence can now be derived by 'listening' to the network in more holistic and powerful ways," said Jason Schnitzer, founder and principal of Applied Broadband. "Clearly, the time for Cable Big Data is now and Guavus is uniquely positioned to take IPDR to the next level by incorporating Pipeline into their comprehensive analytics solutions to deliver even more business value for MSOs."