Taking TV advertising metrics to yet another new level, TiVo’s research subsidiary has signed up 48,000 TiVo users who have agreed to provide far more information about their individual viewing and buying habits.

TiVo has newly tied its Power||Watch service with the Media TRAnalytics platform of its subsdiary TiVo Research & Analytics (TRA); the combination will  provide advertisers with records about viewing habits that come with extensively cross-referenced data on buying behavior.

TRA, which TiVo bought last summer, had been combining TiVo usage data with Nielsen data. TRA had also been working with companies that mine data about loyalty cards (the cards that retail and grocery stores issue to track purchasing behavior) and vehicle purchases. With all of that information, TRA has been able to cross-reference viewing data with purchasing activity.  

The new announcement is that TiVo and TRA have induced 48,000 TiVo households to opt in to having their personally identifiable viewing information being collected, and to agree to respond to monthly online surveys.

TRA said it will survey participants in the program about behaviors and attitudes that go beyond their TV watching habits, including things such as intent to purchase a new vehicle, types of favorite movie genres, political affiliation and travel ambitions.

Mark Lieberman, CEO of TRA, said, "We now can help advertisers reach their target audiences on TV based on consumers' attitudes about what they buy. For instance, movie studios can use our solution to allocate ad buys to programs and networks that reach moviegoers that are fans of certain movie genres or are planning to see a movie in a theater that month. Having the largest set-top-box panel of TV households available to answer monthly surveys further expands our ability to help our customers reach the right audience."

One example of the cross-referencing it can perform that TRA provided was showed how film-going habits cross-referenced with TV shows, data that film studios could use to guide their media buys for different movies.

TRA found that people who went to see “The Hobbit” were more likely to spend their time watching animated sitcoms on Fox such as "Bob's Burgers" and "The Simpsons" as well as CW's "Arrow" and ABC's "Once Upon A Time." People who went to see “Les Miserables” tend to prefer "Glee" on Fox as well as figure skating on NBC, The Golden Globe Awards and ABC's "The Bachelor.: People who went to see “Zero Dark Thirty” were more likely to watch CW's" Nikita," NFL Football and the thriller "The Following" on Fox.