Samsung said today that it is testing 5G technology capable of data speeds 100 times faster than 4G networks.  

According to a press release, Samsung's new adaptive array transceiver technology will allow data to transmit at higher frequencies than currently possible. 

Samsung's transceiver transmits data in the millimeter-wave band at a frequency of 28 GHz at a speed of up to 1.056 Gbps to a distance of up to 2 kilometers. 

Samsung says the adaptive array transceiver technology, which uses 64 antenna elements, can be a viable solution for overcoming propagation loss at millimeter-wave bands, much higher than the conventional frequency bands ranging from several hundred MHz to several GHz.

Once commercialized, Samsung expects 5G mobile communications technology to be capable of data transmission speeds up to several hundred times faster than even the 4G LTE-Advanced, which many carriers will deploying later this year.

Data speeds at that rate would make the transmission of streaming 3D movies and games, and ultra high-definition (UHD) content a reality. 

While impressive, Samsung says the technology will not be available to consumers for some time. The company, however, hopes it will trigger the creation of international alliances to speed commercialization of related mobile broadband services.