The ratification of a standard to enable the management and control of Smart Grid devices in the home has just been completed.

The Smart Energy Profile 2 (SEP 2) was developed to enable home energy information, control and management applications, as well as utility communications to devices in and around the home, via wired and wireless connections using IP (Internet Protocol).

Broadband providers are rolling out home security and automation services, but there are plenty of other products beyond alarms and cameras that are likely to be connected to home networks, and other interests are working to make sure they actually all work together.

The Consortium for Smart Energy Profile 2 Interoperability (CSEP) is a consortium of home networking consortiums, founded by the HomePlug Alliance, Wi-Fi Alliance and ZigBee Alliance, who worked together to promote the development of interoperability standards, including SEP 2. SEP 2 was just ratified by the ZigBee Alliance.

Zigbee is also known as RF4CE, which is included in CableLabs’ OpenCable specs for remote control. While broadband companies might benefit from the establishment of such standards, utility companies interested in Smart Grid energy management applications have been more eager for the development of standards such as SEP 2.

Products that will be certified for interoperability using SEP 2 include a variety of wired and wireless devices for the Smart Grid ecosystem, such as thermostats, appliances, electric meters, gateways, vehicles (charging electric and hybrid cars), and other devices in the home.

“CSEP is pleased with the formal completion of the SEP 2 standard, which marks an important milestone for our industry as we progress toward delivery of an interoperable smart grid,” said Edgar Figueroa, CSEP president and chairman. ”We look forward to the certification of a wide range of interoperable SEP 2 products, helping utilities and consumers manage energy consumption efficiently.”

On May 3, CSEP completed the 10th SEP 2 Interoperability Plugfest event at Underwriters Laboratories. CSEP expects to complete the definition of a SEP 2 test plan, test tool and certificate authority in 2013, which will facilitate product certifications from the CSEP member alliances.

The ratified SEP 2 standard is available for download