Canby Telcom and equipment vendor Elemental Technologies are implementing a twist on distributing local TV stations to authenticated subscribers. Canby Telecom will provide over the top (OTT) delivery of local broadcast channels to authenticated Canby Telcom subscribers via Roku boxes.

The service, which will package eight local live broadcast channels into an authenticated channel on Roku, will be called EZVideo, and will be available to Canby Telcom high-speed Internet customers beginning in June.

Canby Telcom, which does business a little ways outside of Portland, OR, is using the Elemental Live video processing systems from Elemental Technologies (headquartered in Portland), to adapt traditional MPEG-2 broadcast channels to multi-bitrate Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

The signals will be distributed over a secure broadband connection to Canby subscribers who have Roku players.

Canby and Elemental believe this is the first time broadcast video has been distributed on an authenticated basis in this manner.

The service augments the operator’s existing triple-play services with the authenticated distribution of local broadcast channels, video on demand from its local origination channel CTV5, and other video applications without a traditional managed video infrastructure.

“Our new EZVideo channel on Roku allows us to provide an affordable, premium-quality video service targeted to customers who are looking to augment their current digital television service with an OTT solution,” said Keith Galitz, president of Canby Telcom.

“With the help of Elemental and Roku, we continue to develop and implement new products and services that ensure our customers and community remain current with the latest technology trends.”