Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT) and the National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications (NAMIC) announced plans to conduct another  joint workplace diversity survey for the next editions of the WICT PAR Initiative and the NAMIC AIM (Advancement Investment Measurement).

The Walter Kaitz Foundation will fund the survey through a grant.

NAMIC and WICT have hired Mercer, a consultant on human capital issues, to conduct the joint survey. The two organizations said the survey would benchmark data vital to the advancement of gender and ethnic diversity in the cable telecommunications industry and, for the first time, would also utilize diversity data that takes into account geographical distinctions.

“The data generated from this joint effort is a critical resource helping to advance awareness and understanding of ethnic and gender diversity in our industry,” said Parthavi Das, senior vice president and chief of staff for WICT. “Both WICT and NAMIC are pleased that our efforts will continue to provide the industry with important tools they can utilize to inform their business decisions.”

The survey kicks off this month, with data collection taking place over approximately eight weeks. Mercer will distribute the combined survey and independently manage the development of customized reports for each organization.

The joint survey results will focus on the current state of ethnic and gender diversity within the cable telecommunications industry. Findings from the survey will be presented by WICT and NAMIC during a Town Hall Meeting scheduled for Oct. 8, in New York City as part of Cable Diversity Week.

“NAMIC and WICT’s partnership on this project highlights our shared commitment to the goal of strengthening diversity and inclusion practices,” said Jim Jones, vice president of education programs and diversity solutions for NAMIC. “We greatly appreciate the industry’s support for this effort and its recognition of the underlying business imperative for improved diversity.”