Cogeco Cable has launched two new apps, one subscribers can use for content search and discovery and then also to set home equipment to record programs, the other enables remote scheduling of PVRs. Both apps were developed with Rovi Corp.

Subscribers can use either app, running on web-enabled devices, to remotely schedule their PVRs to record shows, view and modify scheduled recordings, and even switch to see scheduled recordings on different PVRs if they have more than one in their homes.

Those capabilities are provided by the Cogeco Remote Recorder, is powered by Rovi TV Listings. Subscribers can use it to schedule remote recording directly from the Cogeco scheduled TV Listings on Cogeco’s website.

The second app, the TotalGuide xD app, provides more features. Subscribers can personalize their service with their favorite networks, shows and celebrity choices as well as access similar recommendations. The app provides the ability to discover content using film credits (directors, actors, etc.). TotalGuide xD supports both Canadian French and English.

The first time Cogeco subscribers use the TotalGuide xD app, they’ll see a Rovi reference interface which switches over to a Cogeco branded experience once the subscriber is signed in, Rovi said.

Rovi said Cogeco is the first operators to commercially launch TotalGuide xD with remote record capability. Rovi TotalGuide xD is an iPad app available on the iTunes App Store free of charge for Cogeco customers.

Ron Perrotta, vice president marketing and strategic planning at Cogeco Cable, said, "Our subscribers are going to appreciate the convenience of using their portable tablets and enjoy the new sleek, graphically rich design of the Cogeco Cable portal, as they engage in a fuller and more satisfying entertainment experience."