Cablevision announced this morning that its Wi-Fi service, Optimum WiFi, was now enabled across more than 75,000 hotspots in its New York Metropolitan footprint.

Cablevision also said its Wi-Fi service has been used more than one million times by its subscribers since it was first launched in Long Island back in 2008. Cablevision was an early adopter of Wi-Fi and reportedly spent an estimated $300 million in the early going of its network build out.

“Cablevision is keeping up with the rapidly growing demand for reliable wireless data by continuing to expand our Optimum WiFi network to 75,000 hotspots,” said Gemma Toner, Cablevision’s senior vice president of broadband product management. “Using Optimum WiFi can help reduce dependence on overpriced, slower, and constrained cellular data networks and mobile data plans that come with steep overage charges. We are pleased that more than one million of our customers are enjoying the many benefits of Optimum WiFi, with the vast majority using the service on a regular basis.”

Last month CableLabs announced that its Wi-Fi app, which it developed in conjunction with Cablevision and other member companies, had been licensed to mPortal in order to make the app more readily available to the cable industry.

Cablevision said Optimum WiFi was an important resource for its subscribers in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, providing wireless Internet access for those without power to their homes or businesses. More than 30,000 hotspots were functional immediately following the storm and almost all were returned to service within seven days.

Last year Cablevision launched its free Optimum WiFi Finder app for iOS devices to help its customers find access points.

Cablevision has also been working on adding Wi-Fi to commuter trains in the tri-state New York area.

At last year’s Cable Show, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Cox Communications, Cablevision and Bright House Networks announced a roaming agreement that allowed their subscribers to use each other’s Wi-Fi hotspots.