Broadcom continues its push to support 5G WiFi with the announcement today of a router that supports the technology. According to a press release, Broadcom has made the 5G WiFi hotspot available through SK Telecom. 

Based on the, 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, Broadcom's 5G WiFi boasts speeds up to three times faster and up to six times more power efficient than previous generations of Wi-Fi.

The company claims products powered by 5G WiFi provide broader coverage and allow consumers to experience faster video streaming and connect multiple devices simultaneously all while extending battery life.

Broadcom is among the first companies to begin pushing the "5G Wi-Fi" technology through new hardware, as well as in smartphone chipsets that support the technology.  

The FCC recently issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) to make more unlicensed spectrum available for what is calles more "robust public Wi-Fi networks" that operate in the 5 GHz band. 

The commission is proposing to make up to 195 megahertz of additional spectrum in the 5 GHz band available to unlicensed wireless devices.  It also proposed to create a more flexible regulatory environment, and to streamline existing rules and equipment authorization procedures for devices throughout this band.  

The commission's decision will allow the delivery new super-fast WiGig WiFi in hopes of alleviating WiFi congestion at major hubs such as airports, conferences, stadiums and in the home.