AT&T has begun a promotion in which it will give away a free entertainment device to new broadband subscribers.

New customers signing up for U-verse High-Speed Internet are eligible to get one of the following Wi-Fi-enabled products: an Xbox 360, Sonos Play:3, Kindle Fire or a Nexus 7 Tablet.

The promotion aims to underscore Wi-Fi based connectivity that AT&T offers, first through the company’s gateways with Wi-Fi (an incentive to take a bundle of broadband and TV), and also through one of the most extensive public Wi-Fi Hot Spot networks in the U.S. (many operated by fast food outlets and coffee shops).

“Customers tell us they enjoy access to their in-home Wi-Fi network and the freedom to use more than 32,000 AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots across the country, which is why we’re building new bundle offers around our broadband services,” said Mel Coker, chief marketing officer, AT&T Home Solutions. “We know when customers bundle U-verse Internet, TV and voice services, they have higher customer satisfaction and engagement.”

Separately, the company has introduced new apps for its U-verse service.

The first gives for its U-verse service customers the ability to play songs from their mobile device through their TVs. The idea of providing access to music files through a TV is common enough, but AT&T is offering a slight twist with its U-verse Jukebox app: a “Party” feature allows customers to invite up to six other people to contribute songs to a dynamic playlist by downloading the app on their own mobile device and selecting “Join Party.”

Another new app is called the Interactive Workout App. Customers use it to customize their workouts by selecting the type of workout they want, for example doing a full-body workout or a focusing on target area.

AT&T currently offering about 50 different workout videos that can be selected, on demand, in whatever order the customer chooses to create a customized workout.