Lightpath, a division of Cablevision, has helped New York-based Westchester Community College connect its main campus to five remote locations with its fiber network.

Using the Lightpath Education Services Suite, the college was also able to enable online registration for students, connect the security staff across locations, offer classes via VOD, and incorporate closed-captioning into lectures. Teachers have taken advantage of the increased bandwidth by incorporating multimedia elements into lectures and class work.

Westchester Community College serves 14,000 credit students each semester and 14,000 non-credit students each year.

“Technology impacts our entire staff and all of our students, and we count on reliable network connectivity to keep them running smoothly,” said Anthony Scordino, Vice President of Information Technology for Westchester Community College. “Lightpath has played a major role in our continued evolution, serving as an important partner that understands our needs and provides the right products and support to help us advance.”

The college has deployed Internet Voice Bundle and multiple E-Line dedicated point-to-point connections from the Lightpath Education Services Suite.  

Lightpath also plays a role in the college’s disaster preparedness.

“Our connectivity has remained up through many severe weather incidents, allowing staff to work from home and ensuring that we can remain in communication with students,” said Scordino. “Lightpath’s continued network reliability gives us confidence that we can rely on it during times when connectivity is of the utmost importance.”

Lightpath’s education suite provides opportunities for distance learning, interactive whiteboards, intra- and inter-campus communication through video conferencing, virtual field trips, one-to-one laptop initiatives, all-digital homework and assignment processes, and real-time status update access for parents.

“As a long-time Westchester Community College partner, Lightpath is proud of the role it has played in evolving the learning experience for the school’s many students,” said Julia McGrath, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Lightpath. “We look forward to our continued work together as the College pursues new opportunities that transform education.”