In order to better target the hospitality vertical, Comcast Business announced a partnership with celebrity chef Robert Irvine.

Irvine is well known for his Food Network show “Restaurant: Impossible,” in which he helps struggling restaurants across the nation by assessing and overhauling their operational or personnel weaknesses.

The goal of the partnership is to educate hoteliers and restaurant and bar owners on the importance of integrating technology into their operations to help improve efficiency, increase revenue and reduce costs while also enhancing the overall customer experience.

Comcast Business can help hospitality businesses keep track of their inventory, make online reservations, and provide data connectivity for guests’ mobile devices. The multi-media partnership will include print, online and digital assets. In addition, businesses will have an opportunity to interact with Irvine directly at a series of in-person and online experiential events that will bring to life the connection between technology, business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

“Robert’s direct experience as a successful restaurant owner and his passion for helping businesses succeed by integrating technology into their daily workflow aligns well with the vision for the Comcast Business Hospitality suite,” said Alexandra Sewell, executive director of hospitality services and strategic verticals at Comcast Business. “By working with Robert, we are providing our hospitality customers with an opportunity to learn from a true industry expert who has a proven track record of turning around businesses across the country.”

Comcast Business Hospitality provides a suite of Ethernet, Internet, HD video and voice services packaged that can be customized for the hospitality industry. Comcast’s product suite enables hotels, restaurants and bars to leverage advanced technologies from a single provider so that they can utilize cloud computing and other web-based resources to improve back-office functions and better manage costs.

“The hospitality industry has been set in its ways for some time, but this ‘old school’ mentality has to change if the industry is going to adapt and thrive in this world of rapidly changing technology,” said Robert Irvine. “I believe that Comcast Business provides the right tools to help businesses stay ahead of the technology curve, which is paramount to addressing both employee and customer expectations in this ‘always on, always connected’ world. And that’s true whether it is a large hotel or the local corner bar.”