ActiveVideo Networks has hired Murali Nemani as senior vice president and chief marketing officer.

Nemani joins ActiveVideo after five years with Cisco, where he directed the launch of the company’s Videoscape solutions for service providers, as well as the expansion of the company’s mobility portfolio for wireless and wireline operators.

Nemani will be responsible for ActiveVideo’s CloudTV platform.

ActiveVideo’s CloudTV approach was first adopted by Cablevision. That got the company embroiled in Cablevision’s ongoing battle with Verizon, leading to a patent infringement lawsuit between ActiveVideo and Verizon in which the vendor last year prevailed.

ActiveVideo has since entered an agreement with Motorola, which will integrate some of ActiveVideo’s technology in its own DreamGallery navigation product.

The company also has its technology deployed by Ziggo, Oceanic Time Warner Cable and other operators. Comcast in a multi-stage trial of the company’s products.

“As ‘TV Everywhere’ models expand, the cost of supporting consistent user experiences across billions of different devices will become unsustainable,” said Jeff Miller, president and CEO of ActiveVideo Networks.  “Murali Nemani’s strong background in video and mobile will be invaluable in helping service providers and content aggregators understand how CloudTV’s ‘write-once, deploy-everywhere’ capability solves the business problem of device fragmentation.”

“The industry is at an inflection point: expanding TV services to reach a fragmented device ecosystem while retaining operational control requires a radical rethink of deployment strategies,” said Nemani.  “ActiveVideo has been at the forefront in recognizing that the industry’s vision for ‘TV Everywhere’ ultimately will require cloud computing and cloud-based UX rendering to solve what is fast becoming a monumental business issue.”

During his five years with Cisco, Nemani led the service provider video and mobility solutions marketing groups, and most recently held global responsibility for strategic marketing of Cisco mobile Internet solutions with wireless and wireline operators, spearheading their push into small cells and pioneering indoor location technology.

Prior to Cisco, Nemani led the global IP Video marketing program for Alcatel.