Time Warner Cable Business Class came out on top for customer loyalty in a recent Frost & Sullivan survey.

Frost & Sullivan’s “2012 United States Business Connectivity Services User Survey” queried business communication executives across the nation in regard to loyalty to their primary network service providers.

"Frost & Sullivan's survey of U.S. telecom and network decision-makers revealed that current business customers of Time Warner Cable Business Class are less likely to switch to another network service provider compared to customers of its nearest competitors," said Frost & Sullivan research analyst Karolina Olszewska. "In fact, more than eight out of ten Time Warner Cable Business Class customers are not at risk of switching."

Frost said top factors influencing switching behavior were price-related, while customer support/care was also a strong factor that could impact switching behavior.

Even though 83 percent of current customers of Time Warner Cable Business Class were categorized as "low risk" for switching, Time Warner Cable Business Class has to keep a sustained effort to retain customers since the market is crowded with strong incumbent, regional and competitive local exchange carriers (ILECs, RLECs and CLECs, respectively) and compelling product portfolios, according to Frost.

"Keeping price points competitive will likely be an ongoing challenge for the company in this increasingly crowded industry," said Olszewska.

Time Warner Cable Business Class has national networks comprised of an optical fiber core network, metro fiber networks and dense local hybrid fiber-copper access infrastructure, over which it is offering an expanding range of Ethernet-based network solutions.

"Our research clearly shows that Time Warner Cable Business Class is focused on leveraging and improving its already strong customer support, easy-to-understand pricing structure, strong local presence and targeted bundled offerings, enabling it to retain existing customers and maximize future market share through both direct and indirect purchasing channels," said Olszewska.

During its fourth-quarter and year-end earnings reports last week, Time Warner Cable’s business services grew 26 percent to $515 million in the fourth quarter and 29 percent to $1.9 billion for the year. Time Warner Cable added more than 1,500 new employees to its business services headcount, which was a 35 percent increase, and nearly doubled the number of commercial buildings that were connected to its fiber.

"We are thrilled to receive this recognition from Frost & Sullivan and our customers," said Gerry Campbell, executive vice president of business services at Time Warner Cable. "We believe in putting our customers first, offering them a full complement of business communications tools and working with them to tailor a solution that helps their businesses succeed. Our employees practice this every day, and we will continue to deliver the quality products, services and support our customers expect."