Comcast has packaged up its Ethernet, Internet, video and voice services into a new product suite that was designed specifically for hotels and motels.

Comcast Business Hospitality is available across Comcast’s entire footprint. With Comcast Business Hospitality, hotels and motels can offer their guests Internet connectivity, voice services and up to 60 high-definition channels in each room. Comcast said the services could scale quickly to meet growing business needs, seasonal demands and other peak usage periods.

"The needs of today’s modern traveler are changing, and high-performance connectivity is now just as important as price, location and loyalty programs when selecting a hotel," said Alexandra Sewell, senior director of hospitality services and cross-segment verticals for Comcast Business Services. "Hospitality decision-makers must adapt to support this trend, and Comcast Business Hospitality offers them an easy way to do so by packaging scalable, cutting-edge technology with a fast and reliable network – without complicating back-end operations. In an extremely competitive market, this is a vital business differentiator for hotel properties."

Comcast’s Business Hospitality Ethernet provides scalable bandwidth from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps, which lets hotels and motels adjust their bandwidth levels based on customer demand by placing a phone call.

Comcast launched its Ethernet services two years ago, which allowed Comcast Business Services to break into the medium-size business sector. Since the launch, Comcast Business has chalked up numerous customer wins with school districts, colleges and businesses.

On the data side, Comcast Business Hospitality offers a range of speeds to address changing needs, including download speeds of up to 100 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 10 Mbps. Additionally, the service equips IT departments with two modems – one for the property’s back office and one for hotel guests – so they can better manage network traffic and maintain fast browsing speeds for guests surfing the Web.

The service also includes voice trunks that connect legacy PBX equipment with Comcast’s IP network, as well as full-featured phone service that includes call management and other advanced business functions.

Over the past few years, Time Warner Cable Business Class has successfully targeted the hospitality vertical in markets that it serves. Time Warner Cable partnered with LodgeNet on some of those deployments, but LodgeNet has since filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.