Tele-health specialist Numera has contracted with AT&T to be its wireless network and location services provider for a personal health monitoring device and associated service Numera is developing.

Broadband providers have been moving into home networking services that include home security, home monitoring, and home automation, and those products and services have from the beginning included some broadband-connected health monitoring devices. Numera, with its new relationship with AT&T, is taking that concept a step further with a health monitoring device that operates not just in the home, but anywhere there’s a 3G wireless connection.

Numera’s Libris includes a device that is roughly the size and shape of a computer mouse that can detect when the person who is using it experiences a fall. It can also capture a set of health measurements, and interfaces with other biomonitoring devices.

Libris integrates mobile emergency response services, two-way voice, automated fall detection, and location tracking with telehealth functionality.

Tim Smokoff, CEO of Numera said, "This goes beyond fall detection, enabling these consumers and their family members to better manage their healthcare needs and ultimately to stay healthier and independent longer. Now individuals can stay connected to their health professionals between office visits from wherever they are through mobile health and safety monitoring done both in and outside of the home."

"Incorporating continuous monitoring of an individual's activity, location and important health measurements, the Numera Libris system breaks new ground in bringing together personal safety and telehealth in a mobile device," said Chris Penrose, senior vice president of emerging devices, AT&T.

"With the addition of wireless connectivity, the Numera Libris creates an affordable solution that connects individuals with their caregivers in an efficient manner."

Libris connects with the Numera NetT telehealth+telecare platform, which enables an individual to upload biometric measurements from a variety of wireless health devices.