Mediacom Communications reported revenues were up in its fourth quarter. In keeping with cable industry trends, the company lost basic video subscribers while gaining broadband connections.

The privately held company provides two sets of numbers, one set each for two operating units: Mediacom and Mediacom Broadband.

Revenue was up in the former unit by 4.3 percent, to $228 million, and up 2.3 percent in the latter operation, to $171 million, all compared to the fourth quarter of 2011.

Mediacom lost 10,000 basic video subs; Mediacom Broadband lost 9,000.

Mediacom added 2,000 data subscribers; Mediacom Broadband added 4,000 data subs and 1,000 phone customers.

Combining the numbers for the two units, Mediacom now has a total of almost exactly 1 million video subscribers, 915,000 data subscribers, and 356,000 phone customers. Between the two units, the company is up a few thousand total connections.

Most expenditures and overall debt remained about even. As a private company, Mediacom no longer provides bottom-line profit or loss figures.