When it comes to finding a specific TV show or movie, it’s a jungle out there. Time Warner Cable has turned to Digitalsmiths to help its subscribers find the content they’re looking for, as well as make recommendations on related shows or movies.

Time Warner Cable, which had a previous relationship with Digitalsmiths, is now using Digitalsmiths’ “Seamless Discovery” technology for video discovery functionality across live TV, on-demand and VOD.

"We are committed to providing our subscribers new and improved ways to discover content, and our partnership with Digitalsmiths will help us create better experiences for our customers," said Mike Angus, senior vice president and general manager of video at Time Warner Cable.

Digitalsmiths offers individualized search and recommendations and incorporates dozens of data sources to enhance the discovery experience. Additional data sets will be added over time, providing expanded capabilities for subscribers.

"Service providers are looking for solutions that assist them in driving subscriber engagement and creating new ways for consumers to discover video," said Digitalsmiths CEO Ben Weinberger. "Digitalsmiths unleashes the power of search and recommendations through a uniquely personalized experience that benefits both subscriber engagement while providing cross-selling and upselling opportunities for featured content."

Digitalsmiths’ platform marries search and recommendations with the ability to aggregate, normalize and leverage disparate data sets in real time. In addition to ensuring accuracy and personalization, Digitalsmiths said its Seamless Discovery's data management technology also helped address major data integrity issues.

Digitalsmiths customers include Cisco and Technicolor, both of whom own a stake in the privately held company, Paramount, Warner Bros., the NBA, the PGA and Nascar.

With the plethora of video across multiple devices, personalization and search and discovery features are becoming a must for video providers. Cox Communications is using ThinkAnalytics to perform those functions on its Trio guide.