Humax has introduced a new IP set-top box based on the Comcast RDK and developed with input from the MSO.

At the same time, Humax said it will start including support for the Opera TV Store in its new set-top boxes this year. Opera Software, meanwhile, announced that it has upgraded its Opera TV Store, which provides access to HTML5-based apps.

The Humax box is designed to be a video client to multi-tuner gateway servers. With both NTSC and HDMI outputs and MoCA connectivity, cable operators can deliver IP-based video services to any TV in a subscriber’s home.

It integrates Entropic's TSC188 CPU, a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor that is bundled with Entropic's MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) circuitry. The set-top can run native and cloud-based applications.

Inputs include MoCA, Ethernet and HDMI inputs. It also includes a USB port, which can be used to connect to a USB storage device for bringing additional entertainment to the TV screen.

The Humax box has an SD card that can act like a DVR, enabling the box to connect (via MoCA) to a gateway, and then stream and play back programming.

"We worked with Entropic and Comcast to provide another way to deliver more media-rich, IP-based services and content to subscribers," said Albert Son, president of Humax Americas. "Our global development performances, time-to-market track records along with RDK empowers this new generation of content delivery through the gateway/client model."

"We are pleased to see our Reference Design Kit embraced by top technology partners," said Steve Reynolds, senior vice president of premises technology for Comcast. "The Humax-Entropic Xi3 device will help providers to offer their customers more interactive, rich and personalized entertainment experiences anywhere in the home."

Separately, Humax said it will launch the Opera TV Store on its new set-top boxes in 2013. Viewers equipped with the boxes will be able to install Web apps downloaded from the Opera TV Store. Examples of available apps include Associated Press News, AUPEO!, Facebook, Spotify, Redux TV, Twitter, Viewster and Vimeo.

At the same time, Opera Software made a separate announcement that is has improved the speed and performance of the Opera Store and has updated the user interface to make it easier to navigate. There will also be new apps and games from partners including Flingo and adRise.

The Opera TV Store is currently available on Sony Bravia TVs and Blu-ray Disc players.

Opera Software is working with Sigma Designs to have the Opera TV Store integrated into Sigma Designs’ Smart TV processors.