HBO has signed a new six-year deal with online video streaming company Conviva to keep the fires burning on its HBO Go and Max Go TV Everywhere services.

The new deal builds upon a previous one between Time Warner’s HBO and Conviva in May 2011 that helped HBO become an early mover in the TV Everywhere initiative by providing its subscribers with HBO programs and movies on a variety of digital platforms.

The latest agreement expanded Conviva’s suite of service offerings to HBO’s international partners to aid in the distribution of HBO Go internationally.

HBO Go uses Conviva’s Precision Video and Insights technology on select Conviva-supported platforms to protect viewers from buffering interruptions. With Conviva, HBO can analyze the viewers’ experience with real-time Insights and optimize each individual engagement by using Precision Video to maintain optimal bit rate and CDN stream source.

“HBO viewers expect a high-quality viewing experience, regardless of device or location,” said Otto Berkes, senior vice president of digital products at HBO. “HBO is committed to TV Everywhere. Conviva’s leadership in real-time stream optimization has made Conviva a natural partner for our success in TV Everywhere.”

Customers for HBO Go include Verizon, AT&T, Google TV, Cox Communications, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, DirecTV, Dish Network, Suddenlink Communications, Shaw Communications, BendBroadband, Cable One, Mediacom Communications, Midcontinent Communications and Charter Communications.

Conviva’s client list includes ESPN, AEG Digital Media, VEVO, NBC, Turner and Disney.