Cable over-builder RCN is now offering a new interactive music video network that allows viewers to interact with the content online and through their mobile devices.

RCN is now offering Music Choice’s SWRV linear channel to subscribers across all of its markets, which include Lehigh Valley, Penn.; Boston; Chicago; parts of New York City; Philadelphia; and Washington, D.C.

“We’re pleased to add SWRV to our comprehensive selection of music stations,” said Chris Fenger, senior vice president of operations for RCN. “It’s a groundbreaking form of entertainment that allows our customers to use our digital TV and Internet services to the fullest.”

SWRV features primarily mainstream pop and hit-driven music videos. The channel lets RCN customers create video introductions or dedications, or “vid-ications,” for their families and friends via texting, uploading video online and submitting photos. Vid-ications allow the viewer to personalize the content online and on-air.

With “SWRV Takeover,” viewers can create their own playlists of three videos and receive comments from other viewers while the videos are playing. There’s also a voting feature, which is called “Majority Rules,” that allows viewers to vote, via texting or online, on which video out of three will be the next to play.

Another voting feature, “Level 10,” puts the video with the most votes on Level 1, which makes that video play next. As the show progresses and viewers vote via text and online, the rankings will change depending on the number of votes the video receives. The Level 1 video will play next, and the Level 10 video will be eliminated.

“There’s no denying that interactivity is a big direction for TV, and SWRV is up to the task of leading that charge,” stated Dave Del Beccaro, president and CEO at Music Choice. “It’s clear that today’s generation of music fans are interested in having a say and participating in their programs; we’re excited to be giving them a music video network they can control and be a part of, while also connecting with their friends in their existing social networks.”

SWRV is also available through Cox Communications, Verizon and AT&T.