Cox Business has beefed up its Online Backup platform with several new features, as well as compatibility with Mac computers and laptops.

The cloud-based backup and storage platform, which was rolled out across Cox’s entire footprint two years ago after a trial in Virginia, allows businesses to back up files automatically, while allowing users to access and restore files in the office or out.

When the backup and storage service first launched, businesses could access between 2 GB and 10 GB of online backup storage space, based on the speed of their Internet service, and purchase additional capacity if needed. Today, Cox announced that all new and existing Cox Business Internet customers would receive Cox Business Online Backup as part of the service, which includes up to 25 GB of storage.

Cox Business Online Backup now offers customers 250 GB and 1 TB of incremental storage options as needed, which benefits customers as they require more secure storage to backup servers or safeguard the entire office.

With new monthly storage consumption reports, Cox Business Online Backup customers can more easily administer the service through an improved interface that's integrated into the Cox Business online customer portal, called “MyAccount,” that allows customers to restore files and order incremental storage in real time.

Online Backup automatically saves duplicate copies of files hourly, daily, monthly and/or manually, providing businesses with peace of mind that their data is secure. The service also allows businesses to view and download their files from any location with a Mac or PC and Internet access.

"Years of critical computer files and hard drive documents must be protected to ensure theft, natural disasters or hard drive crashes don't severely impact a small business’ ability to survive," said Kristine Faulkner, Cox Business’ vice president of product development and management. "We provide Cox Business Online Backup to our customers to help them protect valuable assets and maintain business continuity."

Cox partnered with Mozy, which is a service from EMC’s Decho, to build the business-class, secure online backup capabilities.

Cox Business also offers customers its Security Suite powered by McAfee to provide additional security for its business customers. The Cox Business Security Suite offers protection from virus, spyware and hacker attacks in a single platform.

Cox Communications, the nation’s third-largest cable operator, offers a storage and backup service to its residential data subscribers, as well.