Sprint launched a new service on Monday aimed at bringing in new MVNO customers from the retail, hospitality and travel industries.

The turnkey Mobile Broadband on Demand platform allows companies without prior MVNO experience to offer mobile broadband service on Sprint's CDMA network and Clearwire's WiMAX network.

“We provide this turnkey mobile broadband solution to enable our MVNOs to easily extend their brand to the mobile data space while driving incremental revenue," said Ben Vos, vice president of Sprint wholesale operations.

Companies using the service do not need to have their own wireless support systems. The service allows end users to either buy or rent USB modems and mobile hotspots. Once the device is in-hand, customers are directed to a branded Web portal where they can sign up for a no-contract data plan.

The MVNO picks which data plans to offer, determining the length of the plan and amount of data. Specialty plans such as social media and premium access are also available, and Sprint is offering an app that lets customers track data usage and receive alerts.

The service also features free access for customers to the MVNO's commercial website and sponsored browsing.

Sprint is using technology from Telespree Communications to enable data connectivity for the service.

The debut of the new platform comes amid a resurgence in MVNOs like NetZero and FreedomPop. Sprint has aggressively pursued the MVNO market, even opening up access to its still-new LTE network.