Contec announced a set of new features for its customer premises equipment (CPE) refurbishment services.

MSOs and other video service providers can now link to the company’s QuickTest system, getting direct access to Contec’s database for monitoring efficiency, pass rates and performance for all reverse logistics or return loop operations.

Contec’s updated system also provides automated notification to its customers regarding performance abnormalities and preventive maintenance needs; automated updates of billing system status and software loads; and real-time, live, online customer support.

Data can be shared by operators and repair centers, increasing the availability of performance and efficiency information for operators and providing diagnostic information that can help service centers improve repair effectiveness.

“Ensuring STB reliability and availability are critical to customer satisfaction and MVPDs’ bottom lines,” said Wes Hoffman, COO of Contec. “Using advanced IT approaches, we’re continuing the evolution of QuickTest as a thoroughly unified, seamless source for fast, accurate testing; identification of performance trends; proactive maintenance and upgrades; and rapid, best-in-class repairs.”

The company said that QuickTest can process more than 100 devices per hour with high degrees of flexibility and accuracy.

Contec is in the process of emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.