In its ongoing efforts to be a more eco-friendly industry, the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers has formed a recycling working group.

“As an industry, cable is committed to the highest levels of safety and sustainability in the disposal of replaced equipment,” said Derek DiGiacomo, senior director of information systems and energy management programs for SCTE. “By serving as the intersection point for cable and recycling expertise, the working group will speed the development of a comprehensive blueprint for ensuring environmentally responsible removal and retirement of equipment from our networks and our facilities.”

The Recycling Working Group, part of the SCTE Standards Program’s Sustainability Management Subcommittee (SMS), will be responsible for identifying and codifying recommended practices that are designed to ensure proper management of e-waste.

The initial document, which is titled “Recommended cable electronic equipment recycling practices for cable operators,” is intended to address recommended lifespans for equipment used in cable systems, optimal end-of-life processes for cable equipment and recycling-based financial models.

The working group will also create recommendations for collection of data related to the industry’s recycling efforts.

Peter Muscanelli, vice president of sales and marketing for Colt Recycling, will chair the new working group. The first meeting of the working group is slated for next month’s SCTE Cable-Tec Expo in Orlando.

“The elements and components of today’s network gear have value, even when the equipment has reached the end of its useful life,” said Muscanelli. “Our working group is committed to establishing the best possible procedures for the industry to recognize not only the environmental advantages of recycling, but the economic benefits, as well.”

Earlier this summer, the SCTE announced the availability of the first two completed documents: SCTE 184, which established recommended practices for energy management, and SCTE 186, which defined common environmental and sustainability requirements for equipment within facilities.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredits the SCTE Standards Program.