Kaltura has introduced software development kits (SDKs) and reference applications for Google TV, integration with the Xbox gaming console, and native reference applications for iOS and Android devices.

Kaltura has a video management and delivery platform initially aimed at businesses, schools and other organizations looking to distribute video via almost any device, including most mobile devices; Kaltura will also work with service providers. The company currently supports integration with a number of over-the-top (OTT) set-top boxes such as Roku, Boxee and Flingo.

Customers can use Kaltura’s tools to edit, upload and organize their content (video, audio and data). The company takes care of transcoding video for distribution to various devices.

Customers include HBO, ABC News, Siemens, Zappos, Best Buy and Columbia Business School, among others.

The new elements to Kaltura’s features and services include the Google TV SDK and reference application for Google TV connected TVs and set-top boxes. Xbox Integration is a reference application for native video consumption using Kaltura's .NET SDK on connected Xbox 360 consoles.

The company has also introduced native iOS and Android applications. Together with its mobile SDK, developers get the basic framework of a video-focused application, including features such as a custom player with bit rate selector; managed, resumable file upload from camera capture or gallery; sharing on Facebook, Twitter and email; and browse and search with auto-complete, Kaltura said.

"Online video is increasingly becoming more complex behind the scenes – it's not just about posting a video on a website anymore – today you need to ensure that your viewers can see your content on any device and in the optimal format," said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura's chairman and CEO. "From the customers' perspective, they can simply manage all content within the Kaltura Management Console, and from there distribute it across the Web, to any device or distribution channel at the click of a button."