Conexant is partnering with Diotek to integrate speech recognition with its digital audio processor.

OEMs integrating Conexant’s CX20805 dual-core, 32-bit digital audio processor will be able to add voice control technology to any number of products, including home appliances, consumer electronics and educational toys.

Ambient noise and distance can both inhibit successful voice recognition, but Conexant said its preprocessing algorithms, which include noise reduction and far-field voice input processing to filter out ambient noise, improve the hit rate for Diotek’s speech recognition engine to produce reliable voice control from far away.

Conexant said it has targeted the following areas of automatic speech recognition (ASR):

  • Voice wake speech recognition – power-on scenario with no audio playback and magic word scenario with audio playback
  • Keyword recognition – full ASR on-chip parameter feature extraction, lookup, recognition and fixed words library
  • Natural language – cloud-based recognition and response.

“Our DSP with its integrated memory and patented far-field voice input processing technology, coupled with Diotek’s speech recognition engine, enables us to offer our customers a low-power, high-performance solution to meet demands in a variety of applications,” said Sailesh Chittipeddi, president and CEO of Conexant. “This powerful combination of technologies will not only produce crystal-clear speech recognition but also reduce time to market for our customers.”