Vecima Networks said it has retained the services of a financial advisor.

Stifel Nicolaus & Company will assist the Vecima Board of Directors in exploring and evaluating a range of strategic alternatives to maximize value for the Company's shareholders.

“Maximizing value for shareholders” is often shorthand for pressure by investors to sacrifice long-term potential for immediate revenue, typically by selling off core assets if not the entire company.

The trajectory of the value of Vecima’s stock value over the last five years has been a gradual decline, from highs in the $8 range at the end of 2007, to dipping briefly below $3 in 2011. Although the stock has been rebounding somewhat in 2012 – it has been trading around $3.75 or so for much of 2012 – recent performance has failed to mollify investors upset by the company’s performance.

The company explains its recent performance, at least, is attributable to a transition to new products. Meanwhile, Vecima has intermittently sold assets (spectrum, real estate) to raise cash.

Notice of its having hired a financial advisors has sent Vecima’s stock up above $4 for the first time since early 2011.

Vecima insists it currently has a strong balance sheet and does not believe that its current share price accurately reflects the present or potential value of its core technologies, business operations and asset holdings. Strategic alternatives to be considered may include partnerships, alternative strategic business models, a sale of assets or other transactions.

"During this process, we will remain focused on managing our growth in revenue and profitability which is driven by our investment in research and development and introduction of new products," stated Dr. Surinder Kumar, Chairman and CEO.