Time Warner Cable has set up a network of Wi-Fi hotspots in uptown Charlotte, N.C., in anticipation of the Democratic National Convention, scheduled to begin at the end of this month.

TWC said it has WiFi Hotspots now available in several areas in Charlotte, including Center City, Southend, Myers Park, Dilworth and Midtown. It is available to users of both iOS and Android devices.

TWC WiFi is accessible to Time Warner Cable customers for free, and to others for a fee, but it will be free to all during the Democratic National Convention (Aug. 27 through Sept. 7) in uptown Charlotte and inside Time Warner Cable Arena.

“Time Warner Cable is using its advanced technology to enable a more connected experience for everyone during the Democratic National Convention – and for everyone living, working or visiting our city over the long term,” said Carol Hevey, executive vice president of operations for Time Warner Cable East.

In addition to setting up the new Wi-Fi hotspots, TWC is installing redundant fiber-optic network feeds to Time Warner Cable Arena and Bank of America Stadium to ensure uninterrupted service. Fiber-optic network feeds will be extended to several uptown Charlotte hotels and other venues.

TWC WiFi is also available in New York City, southern Connecticut, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Time Warner Cable has also partnered with other cable companies to offer access to more than 100,000 hotspots across the country by the end of 2012.

TWC WiFi is available for free to Time Warner subscribers to Standard or higher Internet service and all Time Warner Cable Business Class Internet customers for free by entering their TWC email address and password. Guests can also access TWC WiFi through pay-as-you-go options, starting with a TWC Access Pass for as little as $2.95 for one hour.

“We know how much Time Warner Cable customers enjoy our fast Internet speeds at home and at work. Taking their Internet service outside their living rooms and offices is another way we can enhance the experience for our Internet customers,” said Hevey.

Time Warner Cable and Time Warner Cable Business Class are the official video communications and cable TV providers of the 2012 Democratic National Convention and the Committee for Charlotte 2012. TWC is also the premier sponsor of the media welcome event.