Technicolor is backing a start-up that provides the technology and services necessary to turn smartphones, tablets and other handhelds into companion devices – aka, second screens.

Magic Ruby leverages MediaEcho, the second screen media platform developed by Technicolor, which synchronizes content such as cast, crew and production information, as well as historical facts and audio and video, onto second screen devices. It also provides social media connections, e-commerce opportunities and program control. It works in conjunction with broadcast, VOD and Blu-ray media.

The company also offers white-label app development tools and infrastructure to current Technicolor clients across multiple divisions of the company.

“Magic Ruby provides the missing link between content, advertising and television audiences to increase revenue potential for all participating partners and enhance the viewing experience for consumers,” said Thomas Engdahl, CEO of Magic Ruby. “We enable new and direct revenue streams for advertisers, content creators, distributors and app developers.”

Engdahl has worked at Comcast, Radiance Technologies, Pathfire, Applied Digital Access and Advanced Digital Services.

Many of Magic Ruby’s other executives have worked at one time or another with Technicolor, as well as with Neustar Media, Ascent and several content studios, including Paramount, Warner Bros. and Walt Disney Co.

Magic Ruby describes itself as a business unit of Second Screen Solutions, backed by Technicolor.