SeaChange International announced that two more United States-based multiple system operators have signed on to use its Adrenalin back office software and client platform.

SeaChange didn’t identify who the new customers were, but its current cable operator roster of clients includes Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications and Charter Communications.

Adrenalin is a key component in SeaChange’s shift from a hardware VOD server vendor to a more software-centric company. The platform received a big nod of approval from Liberty Global last year when it announced it was using Adrenalin to help provision its Horizon service.

During Liberty Global’s earnings report today, CEO Mike Fries said the Horizon video platform would be available in its Dutch market next month, followed by Switzerland in the fourth quarter.

Released two years ago, Adrenalin was designed to transform SeaChange's Axiom On Demand back office with a service-oriented architecture (SOA) for multi-screen video delivery, multiple DRM support, and monetization through linear and on-demand ad offerings.

An early release of the latest version of Adrenalin, which was recently delivered to a major U.S. cable operator, included the ability to deploy from a centralized location, has a new Linux-based platform, and supports a virtualized environment enabling automatic installations and upgrades.

“We are very pleased to continue expansion of Adrenalin globally by adding two more major U.S. cable operators,” said SeaChange CTO Steven Davi. “Customers worldwide are choosing our SeaChange platform for its unmatched ability to reduce operational and capital expenses through centralization and to increase revenue through delivery of multi-screen services.”