AT&T has broadened the range of services and features available through its U-verse apps, including an expansion of premium content available to be streamed to Apple products and the addition of features that increase the utility of handhelds as second screens and as replacements for remotes.

AT&T said it has expanded the lineup of on-demand premium and TV content available through its apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to include Cinemax, HBO, Starz, Encore, MoviePlex and Music Choice videos.

And iPad users can now link their tablets to their U-verse TV receivers to access sports companion content, including updated scores from various leagues for the day’s games.

Also on the iPad, AT&T has also added the ability for users to share information about what they are watching with friends on Facebook, and now on Twitter.

Subscribers with iPhones or iPod Touches can now use their devices to access channel guides, as well as control their DVRs, interactive apps and on-demand selection guides. Those capabilities had previously been available only with the iPad.

AT&T said it has also added more content on, with live feeds from Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network. The networks are now available for U-verse TV customers, who already receive the service at home, when they log in to the site.

"The second screen complements and enhances TV by letting viewers explore and have a deeper experience with the content they care about on the device they use most," said Jeff Weber, president of content and advertising sales for AT&T Home Solutions.

"With our U-verse apps, you can pull up more info about shows, share about what you're watching, and whether you're in or outside the home, you can access compelling content. And it's included as part of your U-verse TV packages."