The National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) has named OpenVault as an approved vendor for broadband usage data analytics and policy management.

OpenVault said it was already serving numerous NCTC members. OpenVault’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) suite of products and services deliver real-time access to accurate network data, tools to increase revenue and the ability to launch new data service without the need for additional hardware.

With broadband usage caps being implemented by more cable operators, OpenVault’s platform provides real-time usage information through a MSO-branded Web portal suite, letting customers see how much bandwidth they have consumed and allowing them to make informed decisions about their monthly usage and the most appropriate package for their level of usage.

“We represent the interests of more than 1,000 cable operators across the United States and are dedicated to providing them with the most innovative technology,” said NCTC CEO and President Rich Fickle. “The partnership with OpenVault will be of huge benefit to our membership. Plus, the online SaaS model with quick implementation times makes it an easy, cost-effective toolset for our members.”

In addition to the network-oriented aspects of the suite, OpenVault’s service provides analytics about usage and subscriber behaviors that help operators control costs and get the most out of the network infrastructure investments they have already made.

“NCTC members operate in a cost-conscious and competitive industry,” said Mark Trudeau, CEO of OpenVault. “Broadband data consumption is growing at an exponential rate, and cable operators need to be able to control and manage their Internet usage in profitable ways. We’re delighted to have joined the NCTC as a preferred vendor and look forward to helping its members increase their margins and provide subscribers with visibility into how they are using their services.”

OpenVault is exhibiting its platform at this week’s Independent Show in Orlando, Fla.