The American Cable Association (ACA) and the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) both announced the results of elections for their respective boards.

At the ACA, the following individuals, all of them current voting ACA board members, were each elected to new three-year terms:

  • Jim Beattie, Bevcomm (board member since 2011)
  • Allan Block, Buckeye CableSystem (board member since 2002)
  • Jim Gleason, NewWave (board member since 1998)
  • John Gdovin, Patriot Media (board member since 2008)
  • Terry Nidiffer, GCI (board member since 2007).

Earlier this month, Colleen Abdoulah, CEO of WOW, was elected chairwoman, and Robert Gessner, president of Massillon Cable TV, was elected vice chairman.

Both will serve two-year terms at a point in time when regulatory changes long sought by the organization’s members appear to have a good chance of finally being addressed, with the expectation that Congress is prepared to revisit provisions of the 1992 Cable Act and 1996 Telecommunications Act.

Those changes include updating retransmission consent provisions, Universal Service Fund subsidies for rural broadband providers, and access to programming on fair and reasonable terms for individual cable operators, as well as buying groups.

At the NCTC, meanwhile, five directors were elected to the board, four of which are current board members and one a new director.

Reelected for three-year terms were:

  • Chris Hilliard, USA Companies
  • Jerry (Gerald) McKenna, Cable One
  • Robert (Bob) Ormberg, GCI
  • Wayne Schattenkerk, Wave Division Holdings.

Elected to the board for an initial term was Brad Mefferd of Buckeye CableSystem.

The two organizations made their announcements at The Independent Show, the forum they co-hosted and jointly organize.