Hyatt Hotels has completed the deployment of interactive TV from start-up Roomlinx in hotels in several major cities, on the way to rolling out the service in all of its properties in North America.

The Roomlinx system enables Hyatt to provide hotel services through TVs that guests previously ordered through the phone, such as room service, making restaurant reservations and concierge services. Bills can be reviewed onscreen and printed out in the in-room “business center” – an LCD with a cluster of PC peripherals – through which the hotel provides access to Microsoft-compatible business software.

The system is addressable, so conference organizers and other groups can send messages directly to their attendees/members.

Broadband access is included, allowing guests to access their accounts with content providers such as Netflix and YouTube, as well as with social media sites.

The hotel can also sell interactive links to local advertisers.

The deal was signed in March. Installations have already been completed at some properties in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Atlanta, New Orleans and Denver (the Hyatt Regency Tech Center).

"As we grow, we're creating efficient processes and scalable programs that let us support the brand's objectives while positioning Roomlinx for long-term growth and success," said Roomlinx CEO Michael Wasik.

"As the Hyatt deployment continues, we're also gaining traction with several marketing initiatives that will provide direct benefits to hotel owners," Wasik continued. "By offering hoteliers new ways to increase revenues, demonstrate differentiation and strengthen guest loyalty, we'll establish Roomlinx as not only the best-in-class guest experience, but also the most profitable in-room entertainment system in the industry."