The MPEG Industry Forum said it will fold up shop, and henceforth MPEG-related activity will be conducted under the auspices of the Open IPTV Forum.

The MPEG IF has promoted the technology for about 10 years.

“We have ‘declared victory,’ and the activities of the MPEG Industry Forum are now being wound up,” said MPEG IF President David Price, who is now with Ericsson.

The group formed at a time when there were a number of compression technologies available. Over the years, MPEG became the increasingly popular choice, morphing along the way into a family of closely related standards, including H.264.

“Slowly but surely, H.264 gained mind share, and then market share, and today is clearly the dominant codec of choice replacing MPEG-2 around the world. Hence the declaration of victory,” the group said.

The organization recognized past presidents Rob Koenen and Sebastian Moeritz; current board members Yuval Fisher and Sean McCarthy; past board members, including Takuyo Kogure, Leonardo Chiariglione, Tim Schaaff, Rich Mavrogeanes, Shawn Ambwani, Jan van der Meer, Sang-Il Park, Peter Schirling and Stefan Geyersberger; and others.

The announcement was signed by Price, Moeritz, Fisher and McCarthy.